Loft Style

The classic Western Cedar Homes loft plan is ideal for the lot with a panoramic mountain or water view. Out loft plans utilize available land space effectively, and at the same time create a feeling of spaciousness. Living rooms or great rooms derive their grandeur from the high vaulted ceilings and large gable windows. Overlooking the great room is the loft area - the best spot from which to enjoy the full beauty of your Western Cedar Home.

Loft areas are commonly the master bedroom or an area of peace and solitude such as a den. The loft area can be closed in to add privacy, or left wide open to get the most out of your view.

Our loft plans combine all the best features of a Western Cedar Home. Seen from the outside, these homes have a presence that is elegant and powerful. Inside, the openness of our loft plans makes them ideal for entertaining family and friends. And for the more peaceful moments the ambience of a Western Cedar loft style home makes curling up in front of the crackling fireplace all the more cosy.

All first floor walls are made with unique 4X6 logs. The second floor system is comprised of fir decking and solid wooden beams which are open to below. All first floor rooms embody the warm feel of cedar with solid wood walls and an open beam ceiling. This creates a warm, spacious atmosphere.

All second floor rooms are constructed using framed walls, and it is the finishing of these walls which allows a great deal of variety and offers the opportunity to truly custom design the look of your home. Wall finishing is typically either drywall, cedar log profile, or a combination. It is quite common to finish the ceiling with cedar v-joint boards, and to have accent walls such as a white wall in a room finished with mainly cedar log profile, or vice versa. This mixing and matching allows you to truly customize the look of your home.

The large gable wall in the great room tends to be one of the main focal points. Windows from floor to vaulted ceiling let in the most amount of light, augmenting the feeling of spaciousness and maximizing the view. Rake windows are designed to match the slope of the roof, creating interesting angles and adding character to your home.


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Property Name Area in Square Foot Area in square meters
Aleutian 1,286 sq. ft. 119.5 sq. m.
Colorado 1,735 sq. ft. 161.2 sq. m.
Summerland 900 sq. ft. 83.7 sq. m.
Sundance 972 sq. ft. 90.3 sq. m.
Yosemite 1,615 sq. ft. 150.1 sq. m.