From a small vacation hideaway to a spacious family home, our rancher plans embody a classic style of residence that has proven popular with home owners for years. Western Cedar Ranchers often feature vaulted open beam ceilings, creating a feeling of openness and elegance. Seen from the outside, these classic single storey homes blend beautifully into the surrounding environment - ideal for a natural lifestyle.

Western Cedar Homes Rancher style homes have everything on one level, a favourite design with those pre-planning there retirement.

Ranchers provide privacy with bedrooms and living areas more spatially separated so that children's rooms or guest bedrooms can be positioned away from the main living areas. With no wasted space on stairs or extra hallways, these designs tend to be the most open and efficient.

Nothing brings character and warmth to your living space like the coppery hues of cedar. For those with an uncompromising appreciation of cedar, Western Cedar Homes offers the Classic Rancher. In addition to the quality components that come with every Western Cedar Home, such as premium wood doors and windows, this series features solid cedar walls throughout. All walls, from small partition walls to entire gabble end walls will be made from solid cedar.

The other feature of our Classic Western Cedar Rancher is an open beam design with vaulted ceilings and fir roof boards. A feeling of spaciousness complements the rich hues of cedar.


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Property Name Area in Square Foot Area in square meters
Denman 1,735 sq. ft. 161.2 sq. m.
Colorado 1,735 sq. ft. 161.2 sq. m.
Gabriola 990 sq. ft. 92.0 sq. m.
Galiano 931 sq. ft. 86.5 sq. m.
Liberty 4,082 sq. ft. 379.2 sq. m.
Paisley 1,152 sq. ft. 107.0 sq. m.
Saltspring 997 sq. ft. 92.6 sq. m.
Saturna 2,170 sq. ft. 201.6 sq. m.
Sonora 1,263 sq. ft. 117.4 sq. m.
Stratford 1,776 sq. ft. 165.0 sq. m
Sydney 1,240 sq. ft. 115.2 sq. m.
Waterford 1,345 sq. ft. 125.0 sq. m.