Take a moment to imagine lively family gatherings at Christmas, fun-filled fishing holidays and relaxing weekend retreats. Western Cedar Homes provide the touchstone that generations of memories have been built on.

At Western Cedar Homes, we specialize in custom designing the home or cottage that fulfils the needs of you and your family. Every Western Cedar Homes package arrives at the job site as a complete, ready-to-assemble package including the highest quality windows and doors, insulation, finishing materials and all the framing materials necessary to construct a quality home.

Every log is clearly labelled, cut and notched to exact dimensions. Easy to understand floor plans and diagrams depicting log and joist layouts are also included. Out packages are so easy to construct that traditionally many of our recreational home packages are built as a family project over the summer holidays or on weekends.


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Property Name Area in Square Foot Area in square meters
Hiawatha 527 sq. ft. 48.9 sq. m.
Muskoka 733 sq. ft. 68.1 sq. m.
Quadra 587 sq. ft. 54.7 sq. m.
Shasta 792 sq. ft. 73.6 sq. m.
Shuswap 940 sq. ft. 87.4 sq. m.
Teton 292 sq. ft. 27.2 sq. m.
Shasta 792 sq. ft. 73.6 sq. m.