Two Storey

Our two storey designs are very efficient at optimizing total living area, often a critical consideration for smaller lots or in suburban settings. Perfect for those with families, two storey homes allow you to clearly define your living spaces. The uniqueness of Western Cedar Homes means that we can design homes that are contemporary enough for a suburban lifestyle, yet well suited to blend in with a completely natural setting.

Balconies, a common design feature with our two storey homes, allow you to step out into the fresh morning air on a lazy weekend, or to enjoy the view of the spectacular sunsets over coffee on a summer evening. Another popular Western Cedar Home feature is the use of dormers. In addition to maximizing the usable upper floor space, dormers bring character and charm to your home

Our two storey homes offer the most diverse range of Western Cedar Home designs. Plans can vary from the classic rural Gambrel design to contemporary architectural expressions of your individuality. The flexibility of the Western Cedar Home system and the experience of our design staff means that we can incorporate any plan or design idea and make it into a Western Cedar Home.

Western Cedar Home Two Storey Design

All first floor walls are made with Western Cedar Homes unique 4X6 logs. All second floor walls are framed and can be finished in either drywall or cedar. The floor system for the upper floor is comprised of joists and plywood. This type of floor system is best for dampening sound travel between levels. Roof systems can be either truss roof, resulting in a flat ceiling, or rafter roof, which creates a vaulted ceiling.

Second floor walls and ceilings can be finished in a variety of ways, offering the Western Cedar Home owner a unique range of options. It is quite common to finish the ceiling with cedar, and to have accent walls such as a white wall in a room finished with mainly cedar, or vice versa. This mixing and matching allows you to customize the look of your home.


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Property Name Area in Square Foot Area in square meters
Balaclava 2,027 sq. ft. 188.3 sq. m.
Brookside 2,706 sq. ft. 251.4 sq. m.
Cape Cod 2,098 sq. ft. 194.9 sq. m.
Columbia 2,371 sq. ft. 220.3 sq. m.
Franklin 1,021 sq. ft. 94.9 sq. m.
Hernando 1,919 sq. ft. 178.2 sq. m.
Laurel 1,452 sq. ft. 134.9 sq. m.
Lincoln 1,699 sq. ft. 157.8 sq. m.
Montana 2,243 sq. ft. 208.4 sq. m.
Phoenix 1,258 sq. ft. 116.9 sq. m.
Robson 1,795 sq. ft. 166.7 sq. m.
Savannah 1,826 sq. ft. 169.9 sq. m.
Seaside 1,359 sq. ft. 126.2 sq. m.
Vermont 2,329 sq. ft. 216.3 sq. m.
Wyndham 1,486 sq. ft. 138.0 sq. m.